Washington, DC

he students include 2016 Ambassadors Kirsten Brown, a 7th grader at Don Estridge High Tech Middle School and Quinton Williams, a 6th grader at Howell L. Watkins Middle School, in addition to  Girls 1st Runner Up Helen Gutierrez, 8th grader at  Palm Springs Middle School; 2nd Runner Up Celina Phal, 7th grader at Loggers Run Middle School; 3rd Runner Up Emily Briceno, 7th grader at Conniston Middle School; 4th Runner Up Bailey Nathan, 6th grader at Independence Middle School and Boys 1st Runner Up Jaydon Hood, 7th grader at Crestwood Middle School; 2nd Runner Up Sam Kassel, 8th grader at Boca Raton Middle School; 3rd Runner up Christian Nakotey, 6th grader at John F. Kennedy Middle School; and 4th Runner Up Devin Locke, 7th grader at Western Pines Middle School.